Warranty Information

Your Cornell appliance comes with a warranty against manufacturing faults which shall be valid for periods from the date of purchase, as follows:

Parts Warranty Period
Heating Elements for Water Heater 5 years
Technical Service Fees 1 year
Others 1 year
Accessories, wear and tear parts, body works, breakable parts, filter, remote control, antenna are not under the warranty.


For effective after-sales service, kindly take note that:

  1. Warranty card to be replaced by online warranty. Register online entitle to enjoy extra 3 month of warranty.
  2. Warranty does not cover damages caused by accident, misuse, fair wear & tear, wrong voltage installation, acts of nature, or if tempered with, in any attempt to self-repair / through unauthorized agent.
  3. Appliance requiring service should be brought to any of the addresses shown on the Cornell website platforms. On-site repairs are provided only for Water Heater, table top stove and Baby Belling oven.
  4. Reference number will be generated after submission successful created. Please present it while claim for warranty.
  5. Cornell reserves the right to reduce the warranty period if the appliance is utilized for commercial or semi commercial purposes.