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Curry vegetable 印尼咖哩菜

Curry vegetable Healthy eating need not be boring. Colourful fruits and various herbs and spices can be used to add variety and flavour to your home-cooked meals. Ingredients: 2 packet Dancing Chef Indonesia Curry paste 2 stalks Lemongrass cut into sections 300 g Chopped shred cabbages 15pcs Small fish balls 1 Small carrot sliced (Length:… Read more »

Sweet & Sour Pork 正宗糖醋肉

Sweet & Sour Pork  Ingredients:  600 gm            Belly pork (cut to bite cube size) 100 gm            Cucumber cut bite-sized pieces 150 gm each   Diced red and green pepper  1                      Bombay onion, cut into quarters  Cooking oil for deep-frying  To marinate pork belly pieces:  3 tbsp              Mirin (sweet)                          1 tsp                Salt… Read more »

Dan Zhai Fan 港式蛋仔饭

Dan Zhai Fan Ingredients: 1 packet Dancing Chef Chicken Rice Paste 3 rice cups Thai fragrant rice 3 Dried shitake mushrooms, wash and diced 3 rice cups Warm water 1 Large beaten egg 2 Tbsp Shallot oil Garnishing ingredients: 3 tbsp Chopped spring onion 60g Fried diced Chinese sausage 2 Fried shredded egg omelet 3… Read more »

Kueh Kaya Salat / 咖椰糯米饭馃

Kueh Kaya Salat   Ingredients:  (For making Rice Pudding Base) Glutinous Rice                         2½ cup Water                                          260ml Coconut Milk                            100g Pandan Coconut Oil                 1 tbsp Salt                                              1 tsp Sugar                                           1 tsp Violet Food Coloring               1/4 tsp Rose Pink Colouring                 Some Kaya Topping: Custard Powder(mix with 5 tbsp water)         3 tbsp Frezfruta Kaya                                                 200g Large Eggs                                                      3 Hot Water                                                       150ml… Read more »

Milk-Tea Cereal Prawn 奶茶脆麦虾

Ingredients: Medium Size Prawns 500 gm Crisp Cereal Flakes 50 gm Gold Kili Instant Oats Cereal 1 sachet Bird’s Eye Chillies (cut) 6 Fresh Curry Leaves 10 Butter 4 tbsp Coating mix for frying prawns Self Raising Flour 1 cup Gold Kili Instant Double Shot White Milk Tea 1 sachet Seasoning for prawns Salt 1… Read more »

Spicy Café Wings 咖啡辣鸡翅

Spicy Café Wings  Ingredients: Chicken Mid Wings                             1 kg Gold Kili Kopi-O 35% Less Sugar         1 sachet Gold Kili Double Shot White Coffee    1 sachet Ginger (freshly grated)                       1 tsp Palm Sugar (to taste – Grated)           4 tbsp Soy Sauce                                            2 tbsp L & P sauce                                         1 tsp Vegetable Oil                                      2 tbsp… Read more »

Fruity Jam Puff (10 Servings) / 什锦苹果蓝莓馅饼(10份)

Fruity Jam Puff (10 Servings) Ingredients: Frezfruta Mixed Fruit Jam (450g)                                1 bottle Raisins                                                                                100 gm Lemon zests                                                                         2 tbsp Large Red Apple (diced and blanch in lemon stock)         3         Vanilla                                                                                    1 tsp   Frezfruta Apple Blueberry Jam (for glazing) Making the filling: Briefly cooked blanched apple with 2 tables mixed fruit Jam. Allows… Read more »