Launch of the 1st Cornell ECO Thermal Pot Where you can get it free in 6 months


  • Save money by using this eco-friendly electricity-saving thermal pot and earn back the cost of the product in just 6 months
  • Safe and convenient to use without the risk of the pot overheating
  • Enjoy fresh water on demand – not ‘dead water’ that has been re-boiled over and over again

Cornell presents the 1st ever ECO thermal pot in town that saves the earth and money at the same time. Unlike other thermal pots, this winning product consumes less electricity yet produces fresh boiling water that is better tasting on demand. You can enjoy a cup of freshly boiled hot tea or coffee, dispense steaming hot boiling water for your instant noodles as and when you want it and more – all while saving electricity that translates into cost savings!

With your electrical savings, the Cornell ECO Thermal Pot pays for itself in 6 months! Unlike traditional thermal pots that continuously boil water unnecessarily, Cornell’s latest invention boils only when required and saves substantial electricity. As compared to ordinary thermal pots, according to Singapore Power electrical billings, users save over $87.32 on their electricity bills over 6 months from using the Cornell Eco Health Thermal Pot, which is why your Cornell ECO Thermal Pot is virtually free.

Compared to conventional boilers, Cornell ECO Thermal Pot is safe and convenient to use. Conventional boilers require you to consistently top the water level up every time it depletes or it might overheat due to the continuous boiling even with sufficient water in the tank. Hence, in due time, this might cause the boiler to spoil easily as the heating plates within the boiler will not heat optimally and burn out. This also poses a danger hazard in the kitchen. As the ECO Thermal Pot only boils when required, it is completely safe to use and will last longer.

One of the drawbacks of conventional thermal pots is that they constantly re-boil ‘dead water’. Constantly re-boiled ‘dead water’ becomes poorly aerated as oxygen atoms escape in the form of steam, causing the water to taste flat. However, with Cornell ECO Health Thermal Pot, expect only the freshest hot water as it only boils hot water the moment you need it so you can be sure that the water from the thermal boiler is nicely aerated, tastes fresher and is safer to drink.

With this revolutionary product, you can get your hot beverage fix within seconds and enjoy a steaming mug of coffee or tea with freshly boiled water from Cornell ECO Thermal Poton demand. With higher oxygen content, freshly boiled water makes a better cup as it steeps grounded coffee best and more tea will be extracted from the tea leaves, making it a stronger and fresher brew.

Available Audio House, Courts, Harvey Norman, Mustafa & Major electrical stores at just $88 (u.p $118).