Cornell Induction Cooker with 3.0L Pot CICE2100S


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Cook with the power of a magnetic field. If a magnet clings to your cookware you can cook with our Induction Cooktop. An induction cooker is an energy-efficient cooker. With its magnetic property, your cookware heats up faster, thus saving you time, energy and money. It also features a beautifully polished crystal plate surface, 2000 Watts of power, and heats up to 220°C. with the Induction Cooktop, you can braise, fry, deep fry, stir fry, roast, and yes, even boil water. Try Cornell's new, elegantly design induction cooker today!


-Health and Environmental Protection: The induction cooker will not produce any flame, heat, or smoke to keep the kitchen clean.


-Portable and Lightweight: Cooking can be performed anywhere with a power supply, thanks to the lightweight.


-Elegant Design: The elegant design allows the cooker as a decoration for the kitchen.


-Multi-Temperature Regulation: Induction cooking allows you to adjust the cooking heat instantly and with great precision much like a gas burner, but with even more accuracy.


-Safe to Use: There are no open flames or hot elements. The induction cooker will start only once the appropriate cookware has been placed on the surface and stops immediately when the cookware is removed. No more burned fingers or hands and safer around young children.


220-240V / 50/60Hz / 2000W

Cool Touch Control Panel

Suitable for Hotpot, Stir-Frying, Searing

Inclusive of 30L SUS304 stainless steel pot

240mm polished black crystal panel, with 150cm power cord

Easy Control Temperature Setting; P=Power, C=Temperature

Water and electricity isolation to avoid accidental leakage

Safety Mark no. - 210204-24

Barcode - 955 7528 20891 9

Product Dimension – (L311 x W345 x 203H)mm

1 Local Year Warranty

Singapore Safety Mark

Overheating protection

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Cornell Induction Cooker with 3.0L Pot CICE2100S

Cornell Induction Cooker with 3.0L Pot CICE2100S