Crispy Kai Lan 双脆芥兰

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Ingredients China Kai Lan 500g Kai lan leaves (shredded)80g Minced meat 100g Garlic 1tsp Dried shrimp (chopped) 1tbsp Turbidity 3tbsp Waist Tonic 2tbsp Red chili (shredded) 2 Seasonings Sesame oil 2tsp Chicken stock powder 1tsp Sugar 1tsp Water 80ml Thickening Water 1tsp Cornstarch 1/2tsp Method 1. Shred Kai lan leaves, use hot oil to fry… Read more »

Baked Satay Chicken 烘沙爹鸡

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Ingredients Chicken leg meat 1200g Peanut (smashed) 100g White sesame 20g Seasonings Sugar 2tbsp Coriander powder 1tbsp Salt 1tsp Pepper 1tsp Fennel powder 1/2tsp Chili sauce Shallot 100g Garlic 50g Ginger 20g Turmeric 10g Lemon grass 2 Chili paste 100g Methods 1. Remove bone from chicken leg, wash clean and add in seasonings and grinded… Read more »

Pork Ribs in Peach Sauce 桃子排骨

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Ingredients Pork Ribs 600g Peach cubes 100g Red pepper triangular pieces 50g Green pepper triangular pieces 50g Fermented pork ribs Salt 1/2tsp Vegetarian G Powder 1/4tsp Ginger juice 1tsp Egg 1/2 Flour 1 spoon Carica papaya oil 1 tsp Pepper a little Corn flour 1 1/2 spoon Huadiao wine 1/2 spoon Sauce Japan Tare 150g… Read more »

Cornell Warehouse Sales 2012

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Celebrate 2012 with Cornell Warehouse sales up to 90% off on 7th and 8th Jan. Venue: Thye Hong Centre. 2 Leng Keng Road Level 6 (3 Minutes away from Red Hill MRT) Time: 11am – 6pm