Paper Chicken Parcels 纸包鸡

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Marinade Chicken seasonings:  (Marinate for about 1 hour) 1 pkt Dancing Chef Meat Marinade Sauce 1 tbsp Orange sugar 2 tbsp oil 2 tbsp ginger wine 1 tbsp sesame oil 1 stalks spring onions (whole crushed stalk use) 1 tbsp potato starch 4 tbsp water Healthier method of traditional deep fried Paper wrapped Chicken parcel… Read more »

Cornell offers stylish high-performance fans for all retro design lovers

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• Cornell offers modern, high-performance fans in stylish, retro designs • Exquisite, vintage design stylishly fits into any home décor effortlessly • Equipped with technologically advanced 3-speed rotary control that allows users to easily choose the desired wind speed • Quiet motor operation ensures that users have a good night sleep even at the highest… Read more »