3-in-1 Magic Fan with unique multi-angle swings to blanket your home with 3 layers of coolness


Cornell 3-in-1 Magic Fan is cleverly designed to blanket your home with up to 3 layers of cool comfort to everyone in the room in three different directions. Forget about using traditional standing fans that oscillate at a slow speed and fail to consistently cool every corner of the room.

With this innovative 3-in-1 Magic Fan, it’s like having 3 fans in one spot pointing at different 3 directions! Its unique manual multi-angle swings allow users to adjust the fans front to back to up to 180o, upwards to 90o and downwards to 45o. Not only is that, users also given the choice to set the speed of each fan individually for greater flexibility.

Each set 3-in-1 Magic Fan comes equipped with a standard panel control and remote control for easy accessibility. Cornell’s 3-in-1 Magic Fan (model CFC936C) is powered at 90W. It is currently priced at $169 (Usual price: $199). Both models are available at major departmental stores such as Audio House, Courts, Mega Discount Store and Mustafa Centre.